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Jasper Resources

Unit of the Preventia Group of Companies

Under The Preventia Group of Companies, Jasper International has evolved into a unified solutions provider for businesses at all scales. We provide a wide range of services ranging from technological innovations and trade, to human resource supply and communications / events at a global scale.

The Preventia Group is a conglomeration of 10 business units. We handle three major categories – Health, Wellness, and Resources. We are a rare combination of the 30+-year-old Jasper International and the young Jasper Technocare, all under the same roof of The Preventia Group.

Our Store

Jcare equips your online business with an advanced, world leading e-commerce system designed to bring your customers a secure and easy to use interface for their online shopping experience. Our system is continually updated to always bring you groundbreaking, innovative e-commerce technology.

We provide you with full merchant account setup and offer several payment gateway options, ensuring you are able to process orders with ease and efficiency.

Our system is user-friendly, and simple to manage and maintain. With a stable, flexible core that allows for enhancement, modification and continual updates we are confident that this system will meet and exceed your needs.

cleaning products
Cleaning products

Our Services

Online Store

Purchase products for personal consumption or business and trade. Our online store is the easiest way to browse our catalogue or products.

Technical Services

We create platforms that bring ideas to life. If you have an idea, schedule a consultation with our tech wizards to bring it to life.


We design experiences for your communications. From websites, to short films and more, design your world with Jasper creations

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